Tucano R

The Flying Legend Tucano-R is a 70% scale replica of the Embraer Tucano 312, a military trainer used by the Brazilian Air Force, the Royal Air Force, and many air forces around the World.


Meticulous attention to detail by Flying Legend has resulted in a Light Sport version of this military aircraft that looks and flies as closely as possible to the original, with the obvious limitations that come with designing an aircraft that fits into the LSA category.


Engine options currently include the 100hp Rotax 912S, 115hp Rotax 914 and a 140Hp Supercharged Rotax 912s. With retractable undercarriage, CS prop, bare aluminium cockpit and superb performance, the Tucano-R offers a true “military” aircraft experience that won’t break the bank to acquire or maintain.


Available in various configurations to meet the users personal needs ranging from a fixed gear version to the high performance experimental version.