This is not a comprehensive listing of the tools required but represents a good start. There are a number of good tool suppliers and there is no need to purchase top of the range tools such as Snap-On. Suppliers of equivalents can provide a good balance between cost and quality. A good guideline is buy what you can afford and what feels good in the hand.

Hand Tools

Set of 1/4” socket set up to 9/16” diameter.

Snap torque wrench – required to torque bolts

Kinchrome produce a suitable model for 1/4” drives that will meet the need but there are a number of suppliers

Set of imperial combination spanners to 9/16” diameter

Set of imperial ring spanners up to 9/16” diameter.

Spanners come in all combinations and generally you can never own enough variations.


Set of imperial flexible or rigid ratchet wrenches up to 9/16” diameter. (optional)

Trade Tools; provide a cost effective range of both

Set of imperial short ring or combination spanners up to 9/16” diameter, (optional)

Steel rulers 150 mm flexible, 300 and 1000 ridged
Screw drivers especially Phillips head. Short Phillips head are especially useful.

Aviation Tin snips left hand, right hand and straight.

Full set of twist drills 1/32” to 5/16” Other sizes can be sourced as required

Long series twist drills 1/16 – 3/32” – 1/8” – 3/16” – 1/4” are useful when needed but not available at every hardware store

Step Drill – Invest in a commercial quality model for best results. Invaluable in sheet metal work as a twist drill depending on thickness will not drill a round hole in thin sheet 5/32 to 1/2” will meet most needs.

Transfer punch set imperial.

Screwdriver drill [low voltage] with a range of Phillips head bits in various lengths.

Battery drill capacity 3/8” [10mm] (Any recognized brand will meet requirements but ensure that includes two batteries).

Not required if a Bosch multi angle drill is chosen

Assorted hand files flat, half round single cut as required.

Chain files 1/8 – 5/32 -3/16 – 1/4” round and parallel for full length allowing fillets to be easily formed

Hammer Ball Pein – 8 ounce

Hammer Ball Pein – 8 ounce

Hand Reamer [intermediate]

5/32 and 1/4” hand (spar bolts) required. A hand reamer gives excellent results when used with a battery drill at a slow speed

3M Scotch bright Flap Wheel.

The ultimate flap wheel to finish off the edges of metal. Produces a ultra fine finish on the edge of aluminium to remove manufacturing marks. Can be used in a drill press or battery drill

Micro Stop

Required to counter sink holes for the nust plates. For the installation of countersunk pop rivets used in this task a 120 deg angle counter sink is required. Consider a slim line for this project

Power Tools

The kit assembly requires a number of holes to be enlarged and others drilled in general fabrication of accessories.  For those with  access to  a suitable compressor a pneumatic air drill is the logical option however where restriction may apply a battery powered drill can be considered but is slightly less compact that pneumatic drills.  Access or purchase of a separate 45 degree drill has been factory recommended.

Pneumatic drill 90 degree: ACAT right angle mini drill – Yardstore parts #12635 or equivalent

Pneumatic drill 45 degree: ACAT 45 degree angle mini drill – Yardstore parts #12111 or equivalent

Battery Drill multi angle: Bosch 10.8v Cordless Angle Drill GWB 10.8V-Li BB features  a 0/22.5/45/67.5/90 head angle

The kit assembly requires a large quantity of pop rivets are to be installed and use of a powered riveter is indispensable. A capacity of 3/32” to 5/32” is required.

For those with access to a suitable compressor a pneumatic riveter is the preferred option however where restriction may apply a battery operated riveter can be considered.

A battery pop riveter will cost 6 time the cost of a equivalent pneumatic model. The cheapest option in Australia is to purchase from the UK to obtain a 240V charger. A qualified electrician will be required to replace the UK plug.

Pneumatic Riveter: ACAT Pneumatic pop riveter – Yardstore part #12603 or equivalent

Battery Riveter: Accubird 12 or 14V

Drill Press – Use a dedicated drill press not a holder for a portable drill as they cannot drill a square hole under load.

Ryobi Press shown

Dimpler: A series of 1/8” holes in the leading edges have to be dimpled to allow the installation of counter sunk pop rivets and this will require a dimpler. The factory recommended option is shown opposite for information.

Flying Legend Australia will investigate an alternative option as this assembly or equivalent is not available in Australia at this time.

Dimpler: Bench top Dimpler & Riveter – Yardstore part #13707 or equivalent

Clecos: A range of clecos are required to assemble the various parts of the kit including the Hex Nut clecos for assembly of the main longerons.

K Series Spring Clecos – 5/32” x 250 – Yardstore part #11011 or equivalent

K Series Spring Clecos – 1/8” x 400 – Yardstore part #11012 or equivalent

Hex Nut Draw Clecos – 5/32” x 0.5 to 1.5” grip – 125 off – Yardstore part #11164 or equivalent

Cleco Pliers

Note: Quantity may vary with assembly requirements