How do you order?

Select kit type and options then email it to Flying Legend It. Once your order is received the factory a formal contract will be forwarded for review. To complete the order, sign the contract and then return to Flying Legend Au.


What are the payment options?

You can choose any method but a Bank transfer is the most common means. however we can use our currency trader as they will offer a superior exchange rate with lower fees than a Bank. Contact Flying Legend Au for more details – its the way we pay but it’s your choice.


Is full payment required with the order?

No – depending on the kit option selected the payments are divided into three components: Deposit – Progress – Final before delivery. You are notified at each stage when payment is required. All funds are paid directly by the purchaser to Flying Legend Italy and as the sales agent, we do not handle any funds.


Is freight and GST included in the kit price?

NO  – Internal Freight, handling and sea freight is not included in the price.  You will have to pay GST on the kit once the kit is unloaded in Australia at the selected port.


Crating and loading of your aircraft at the factory is included in the kit price.


Once the kit has been unpacked in Australia and the GST paid you to have to organize delivery. The most suitable transport is a tilt tray truck with the crate[s]. The crate[s] is 6 x 2.2 x 2 meters high including the quick build kit weighs approximately 1500 kg.


We can organize and handle the freight and its coordination to any port of your choosing at no extra charge using our freight forwarder. At the time of order, we can provide an estimate for freight cost but typically it is about $6500 FIS Sydney plus internal delivery of about $500 depending on the distance.


What is the manufacturing time from the date of order?

Generally 3 to 4 months from the date of order depending on stock. The quick build kit may take longer as the factory completes a large amount of pre work on your behalf that required assembly and dis-assembly of your aircraft at the factory.