Welcome to the all new Flying Legend Australia website.


In the time since this page was updated a number of events have occurred for the Tucano. The FAA have recognized the Basic Kit 2 as a 51% kit with the LSA Tucano approved by the FAA and I have been to the factory in Sicily to be checked out in the Tucano as well as to just fly it. I purchased my kit sight unseen based on reviews and Franco sheer enthusiasm for this aircraft, yes all the features ticked the boxes but I never flew the aircraft – leap of faith.


The aircraft is a delight to fly in every respect, its that’s simple, with the flight up the Mediterranean coast a life highlight – thanks Chico.  This review is currently up on the blog page of this site until I update that part.


My aircraft is proceeding slowly, thats me, a plodder but with luck it might be on its wheels at Christmas, God willing…!


The new empty weight for the Tucano R is 420 kg so the current 600kg limit would make it difficult until the 750 kg limit is authorized but that was my choise and I was aware of the risks.


As I always intended the blog to be in a chapter form and with the tasks now becoming more complex the end result is that posts are thinning out while the work does not, so another means of update was required – shock and horror I went to Facebook.  So there will be a blow by blow posts here with little personal stuff, just Google “Facebook Gary Spencer Salt”


FAA Approval 51% Kit