Basic KIT 2

FAA approved kit 51% kit – #

The Basic Kit includes the fuselage kit, the wing kit, the empennage kit, the flight control kit, the fixed landing gear (the retractable one is a option), the aluminium tank kit and the canopy kit. A amateur builder requires approximately 1200 hrs to complete the airframe kit. Entirely made in Aluminium 2024-T3/6061 -T6, the structure is calculated for a MTOW of 1433 lb and a load factor of +6-3G.


Tucano Basic 2 Fuselage kit


Entirely pre-assembled up to the central area (complete central box and fuselage spars), central area entirely riveted, engine mount blocks included, remaining skins are laser pre-punched and the holes can be used as guide to drill the the matching holes on the fuselage bulkheads (upper and lower).


The fuselage kit includes also the floor sheets, the internal side upholstery, canopy closure parts, roll-bar, extra luggage compartment parts, pedals – SS cowling frame pre arrangment, hardware. The fuselage is also provided with inspection windows which allows the builder a easy access to the internal components.


Tucano Basic 2 Wing kit


Spars, undercarriage compartment are manufactured by FL – back skin entirely riveted to maintain the twist, pre-punched belly skin with 2.4mm holes, ribs, nose, internal flap conveyor, wheel compartment to be drilled and assembled, hardware;


Flap and aileron pre-punched for ribs placement, trailing edge entirely pre punched in order to maintain the twist, nose to be drilled, flap hinges parts included in the structure


Material supplied

Jig scale drawing 1:1 for ribs 1 and 13, for half wing nose, flap and aileron root and tip.


Tucano Basic 1 Fuel System kit


Aluminium tanks including the required accessories to install them in the wings, rivets. The mastic is not supplied due of the fact that it expires so it is recommended to buy it at the time of usage.


Tucano Basic 1 Empennage kit


The parts are pre-punched for ribs placement, trailing edge skin with guide holes (4 per rib), nose to be drilled,

hinges parts included, hardware.


Material supplied

Jig scale drawing 1:1 for tip and root ribs and also hole guide strap.

Tucano Basic 1 Flight control


The kit includes all the parts necessary to realize the flight control of the aircraft, the pedals and all the other elements in chrome molybdenum already welded and treated with powder paint by FL. The amateur builder will have to assemble the aluminum parts and all the other items where the bearings and uniball are placed.


Tucano Basic 1 Fixed Undercarriage


The kit includes a leaf spring made of 2024-T3, with 4 supports to fix the structure, two 6″ wheels which are working with manual brakes, a front undercarriage with a 4″ wheel.


ATTENTION: At the time of the order please specify if you would like the fixed or retractable undercarriage option as the fuselage and the wings have to be structured accordingly – also the front undercarriage is suitable for our engine mount.